MIO Beehive SoftBowl

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MIO Beehive SoftBowl

Made in the USA

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Decoration with a conscience

SoftBowls are a line of decorative bowls made from 100% molded wool. Manufactured in Philadelphia by one of the last hat manufacturers in the United States, each container is handmade by local crafts people. Available in three different designs (Beehive, Wobowl and Swoop), SoftBowls can be mixed and matched into fun groupings. Practical as storage containers, planter cozies or decoration, SoftBowls liven up any home or office. Designed to minimize environmental impact, SoftBowls are produced using less than one tenth of the energy needed to create their ceramic counterparts.

Jaime Salm and Roger C. Allen

More Juicy Details


SoftBowls are made from 100% wool felt that is harvested from sheep. Wool is a renewable resource, as the sheep will keep growing new coats of wool over their lifetime. The production of wool felt relies on organized farming of sheep world wide, maintaining a steady supply of the raw material.

Biodegradable / Compostable

Because wool is an animal derived product it will biodegrade under the right set of conditions. SoftBowls can be shredded and put in a composting bin or buried to biodegrade over time.


Manufactured by one of the last remaining millineries in the United States, SoftBowls require less than one tenth the energy needed to make comparable ceramic products. The shapes, colors and details are the result of employing the manufacturer’s skills and technology to create a product that fits an alternative and growing market.


Made in the United States from locally sourced materials. Manufacturing locations were selected for their proximity to our studio as well as for their practices and labor conditions.


Max. Diameter: 7 in / 18 cm
Height: 5.75 in / 15 cm


Molded wool, wire and nylon edge-band and label

To remove dust and dirt use a lint remover or tape. Light stains may be removed with low grit sandpaper. Sand very lightly in the same direction as the fibers removing only the stained fibers. SoftBowls may be steamed back into shape with a household steamer. Steam dents and affected area until it is soft and using both hands lightly re-shape bowl into original form. Repeat as necessary. To harden SoftBowls spray starch and let dry completely.


SoftBowl from MIO on Vimeo.

Soft Bowls - Stop Motion from MIO on Vimeo.

Designed as an alternative to energy-intensive vessels, SoftBowls provide function and beauty with a reduced ecological footprint. Traditional millinery technologies and materials inform each design’s shape and color.