Seat Pad
Product Design


Inspired by MIO’s molded wool felt SoftBowls, Emeco began working with MIO to create a seating pad for their signature Navy Chair. The result is a durable molded felt seat pad that can be used in commercial and residential settings, making the famous chair more comfortable in colder environments. The accessory was carefully designed and sourced in the United States. The pads are constructed from recycled and renewable materials in line with MIO and Emeco’s shared commitment to responsible product manufacturing.


MIO and Emeco share sustainable values making the development of the seat pads rewarding and fun. Our shared commitment to local manufacturing and environmentally preferable sourcing meant identifying materials and processes that could yield a durable product with as little impact as possible.


  • Residential Seat Pad on polished Navy Chair
  • Residential Pad backing for traction control
  • A variety of color coordinated materials were evaluated and developed

Designing for a classic

During the development phase each chair was carefully evaluated and various geometries were tested. The resulting cutting patterns are consistently offset from the seat perimeter and designed to complement each chairs personality. The pads are branded for authenticity with an embossed Emeco logo.


Materials and Colors

Various materials were evaluated for moldability, quality and price. Once the materials had been sourced they were color matched with Emeco’s 111 line of plastic chairs.

Winning Combination

Each layer of the final design has a specific purpose. The top felt layer provides color and comfort. The recycled PET provides structure and durability to the pad. The bottom layer provides traction, insulation and greater cushioning. The thickness, weight and stability of the product are designed to fit Emeco’s look as well as the demands of customers across the globe.



A range of material configurations were prototyped in the studio and at factories across the country. Each version presented unique technical and aesthetic challenges to resolve.


Designing for an American Classic.
  • The final shape of the pad was refined to perfectly fit the contours of the seat pan
  • Residential pads have a layer of rubber for traction control that is branded
  • Other pad configurations were prototyped and tested




Product Design – Sourcing and Manufacturing