Neiman Marcus

Visual Merchandising and Fixtures
Product and Visual Design

Fixtures Overview

MIO’s CultureLab designs and supplies Neiman Marcus with innovative retail fixtures requiring local manufacturing, fast turn around times and complex design or prototyping. CultureLab’s ongoing collaboration with the Neiman Marcus creative team has created numerous designs that are the perfect marriage of materials, processes and fashion. The designs cater to the needs of specific retail programs and store requirements. The designs harness MIO’s manufacturing partners, creative drive and sustainable focus to create retail experiences that delight customers, showcase the fashion and fit marketing objectives and manufacturing opportunities.

Complex retail challenges made simple.
  • Beautifully complex angular risers
  • Reconfigurable light fixture
  • Reconfigurable light fixture

Visual Merchandising Overview

CultureLab designs, manufactures and distributes innovative visual merchandising solutions for Neiman Marcus that dramatically transform windows and displays into fashion stories. CultureLab works closely with the Neiman Marcus visual merchandising team to translate their ideas into manufactured realities. The projects range in visual and material complexity, requiring innovative uses for materials and fast turn around times. The designs cater to the needs of specific seasonal campaigns and retail programs throughout the year.

Form follows fashion, follows design.
  • Custom Nomad System shape designed for Neiman Marcus App Campaign
  • Custom Nomad System used inside the store
  • Modular cardboard panels inspired by origami
  • Modular cardboard panels inspired by origami


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