From deep dives to prototypes, we deliver actionable insight that leads to consumer adoption and change.

Reimagine Everything.

We design with the resources available today to create a profitable path towards gradual sustainability. Our approach focuses on modifying patterns of consumption and rethinking manufacturing and its processes, harnessing the most environmentally benign aspects of existing infrastructures and technologies to arrive at solutions that can be implemented today. We help organizations identify the most accessible solutions on the path towards sustainability and design strategies that maximize environmental, social and economic returns in the short term and the long term. We research, forecast and plan for the future by building scenarios based around constraints important to our clients. CultureLab transforms our client’s design challenges into opportunities for growth and market leadership.

Sustainable by Design.

Responsible design can re-define social values and transform markets. Sustainability is not a checklist or an after thought. Designs that address every stage of the product lifecycle provide consumers with built-in environmental choices and functional benefits. At CultureLab eco-intelligence is measured by social significance, practical function and aesthetic merits. We believe that innovation is uncovered when social and environmental constraints are added to the design brief from the start.



Understanding people inspires us and helps us achieve true innovation. We believe in understanding consumers and the power of communities. Above all, we create designs that match user needs and desires — designs that will be adopted. Responsible product experiences must embody culture. For this reason, we believe in user-focused research as well as more traditional forms of market research. We look into behaviors and perceptions associated with a design and explore opportunities for minimizing environmental impact at every stage of the development process.

Context Focused.

We believe making design relevant to time, people and place sets it apart. Identifying and designing for context provides a physical, emotional and intellectual framework to reach any audience and effectively transform consumer patterns. Origin provides users with story, meaning and value.

"Design from the ground up. Challenge your preconceptions and grow your business."