A whole new MIO

By: Jaime Salm

Welcome to our new website and blog! We are incredibly excited about our new platform for sharing ideas and products with the world. This new digital home embodies the great things MIO represents and designs, but it is more of a starting point than an end goal. Over the course of the past two years we have been refining and reinventing MIO. At the heart of this reinvention is our passion for design and our growing knowledge of the work that needs to be done in order to affect change. It has been over a decade since we started MIO with the mission of bridging the divide between business and sustainability though design. We have created a company with ethics and vision that is ready to take on the biggest challenges yet. Our collection is living proof that we have made progress and an example used by many to grow sustainable businesses all over the world.

We have created a company with ethics and vision that is ready to take on the biggest challenges yet.

A lot has changed since we started MIO, but our goal of transforming culture through design remains the same. We remain ambitious about our aspirations and hopeful about the state of the environment. We believe desire not guilt will change minds and hearts. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword or some trend to be dealt with. Organizations of every size have begun to realize the incredible opportunities that lay ahead in building companies that are socially and environmentally responsible. We are here to support that, creating a culture of sustainability that is seamless, desirable and above all accessible to all. Technology is beginning to shine a light on a whole new way of life, driven by information and connectedness. We look forward to exploring this new world with our sights set on making the connected world responsible too. The idea of home and office are more fluid than ever and the needs that have risen have never been more synchronized with our designs. Customization, modularity, and mobility are about to erase boundaries and accelerate our search for what truly makes us human.


In this landscape of dramatic and fast paced change, we will keep pushing the boundaries, creating new product experiences and strategies to harness sustainability through design. Over the years we have had the honor of working with amazing clients, factories, designers and customers worldwide. They are the reason we are here today launching a new platform for growth and transformation. Browse our new site and you will find that we have re-organized it to make it easier to navigate and clearer to understand. We have made all of our product information more accessible and have improved the overall experience. We have added sections that explain how we work and who we are. We are very proud of what we have achieved but we are Just getting started. Join us in building a culture of sustainability and stay tuned as we launch and foster ideas that will change the way we view and experience sustainable living for decades to come.

MIO's first official design studio. It was cold in the winter but had great light!