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PenSprouts are strips of intricately cut paper that wrap around a pen or pencil, transforming it into one of three colorful imaginary flowers. The design is a fitting celebration of the creative process as their design sprouted from our love of paper and pencils. Pen Sprouts are made in the US from FSC certified paper. The sprouts are available in three styles: Koi, Metric and Damask.
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Locally Sourced
Locally Sourced
This product was manufactured within 100 miles from the point of distribution.
The raw materials used to make this product are FSC certified wood fibers. This certification traces the origin of the fibers ensuring the paper or board is made from responsibly harvested and managed forests.
Gently strip the flowers from the sheets. Tape the starting end to the pencil and roll the strip to the end. Tape the end down. Adjust the petals and enjoy!


Pensprouts was originally designed for a CultureLab visual merchandising project. Once we realized how fun and inviting the idea was for kids of all ages we decided it was time to make it into a product.


PenSprouts pack flat and come to life when wrapped, reducing its shipping carbon footprint.

Length 6 in / 15 cm
Width 2 x 4 in / 5 x 10 cm
Weight .1 lb / 45 gr

Jaime Salm and MIO Team


Made in USA

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