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ZigZag Haute Surface Trivet

Inspired by patterns in textile design, Haute Surface helps you set a fashionable feast. The modular, interlocking cork trivets can be used to protect any table surface. Reconfigurable into place mats, runners or heat pads of any size the modules can also be used individually as coasters. Each set includes six tan modules and six chocolate modules.
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Active Sustainability
Active Sustainability
This product generates a positive and quantifiable environmental impact each time it is used. Active sustainable products transform daily activities into acts of environmental conservation.
Recycled Content
Recycled Content
The granulated cork used to make thsi product is the waste by-product of the wine stopper industry, making the raw material 100% pre-consumer waste. The waste is collected from the wine stopper production lines and ground down to be used as cork board, coasters and other commercial cork products.
This product is made from 100% granulated cork, a by-product of the wine stopper industry. Cork is the bark harvested from the Cork Oak. The bark is harvested every six years from mature oaks. The Cork Oak forests are responsibly managed and independently certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The Cork oak's bark will grow again and again and will yield new cork during the lifetime of the tree.

Use a damp cloth to clean modules or use cork or wood cleaners for best results. Modules may also be cleaned in a sink with mild soap and a soft sponge. Let modules dry completely in a flat surface. Extend the life of your modules by sealing both sides with oil and wax.

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Haute Surface was inspired by the practical elegance of textile patterns and their ability to provide surfaces with meaning, color and texture. The modules aim to re-think table fashion by employing patterns as a means to decorate and protect surfaces with creative flair.


Modular design enables flexible use of the modules in various settings and in varying quantities, extending the products life span and improving its ability to adapt to new uses.

Length 6 in / 15 cm
Width 3 in / 7.6 cm
Thickness 0.375 in / 0.9 cm
Weight .5 lb / 23 gr

Jaime Salm


(12 Module Pack) Made in the USA

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