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MIO Hardwiring Kit

There comes a time when hanging your pendant lamps from a hook on the ceiling no longer makes the cut (pun intended!). Wiring a Bendant Lamp or an L-XL right into a junction box is what our Hardwiring Kit was designed for. The canopy kit includes the hardware necessary to secure any pendant lamp and cleanly cover it.
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This product has components made out of steel, which is a commonly recycled material. Three-fourths of all American steel ends up recycled into new products.
Recycled Content
Recycled Content
The steel alloy used to make components of this product has recycled content ranging between 30% and 40% depending on production batch.

Fits most US junction boxes. Read our instructions carefully and always consult a licensed electrician.

Product Instructions


Sometimes you need a little bit of hardware to make something pretty prettier. Our Hardwiring Kit is easy to use, clean looking and works with standard US junction boxes and most pendant lamps.


Simple is better when it comes to hardware. Our Hardwiring Kit has clean lines that fit most lamps.

Length 5 in / 12.7 cm
Width 5 in / 12.7 cm
Height 0.5 in / 1.27 cm
Weight 1 lb / 45 gr

Jaime Salm and MIO Team


Made in the USA

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