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Foldscapes Sample Pack

Not sure which pattern is right for you? Our FoldScapes Sample Pack will help you decide. FoldScapes are a whole new way to look at ceiling tiles. Dimensional, configurable and truly affordable. Made from recycled cardboard the tiles ship flat to be folded at the installation site. The tiles fit most standard 2 x 2 foot ceiling grids and are available in 24 tile packs. Cover damaged ceilings, finish basements or create visual interest on a budget in residential and commercial settings.
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Design Aikido
Design Aikido
This design uses existing infrastructure including technology, molds, skills, raw materials and resources with built-in environmental and social advantages that create alternative markets and incentivize material, process and behavioral changes.
Efficient Packaging
Efficient Packaging
This product is designed to nest, flat-pack or otherwise require limited packaging to minimize its logistics carbon footprint. 
Locally Sourced
Locally Sourced
This product was manufactured within 100 miles from the point of distribution.
This product fits existing paper and cardboard curbside recycling. Help us close the loop and recycle!
Recycled Content
Recycled Content
This product is made from 30% Recycled post-consumer cardboard. The advantage of using waste fibers is that they will be diverted from landfills and require less energy to process the raw materials.
The raw materials used to make this product are FSC certified wood fibers. This certification traces the origin of the fibers ensuring the paper or board is made from responsibly harvested and managed forests.

Dust regularly, avoid using any liquids or water to clean. Some stains or marks can be removed with a soft eraser.


FoldScapes are designed as a cost effective, low impact solution for the under-served category of drop ceiling tiles. The format, materials and purpose of the tiles was redefined with simple materials and inspired folding design.


FoldScapes pack flat for transportation to reduce shipping carbon footprint. FoldScapes modular design enables customers to use and replace tiles selectively, eliminating unnecessary waste over the product's useful life.

Length 23.75 in / 60 cm
Width 23.75 in / 60 cm
Height 0 - 4 in / 0 - 10.16 cm
Thickness .07 in / 1.78 mm
Weight .05 lb / 23 g

Jaime Salm and MIO Team


Made in USA

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