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PaperForms Sample Pack

Not sure which pattern is right for you? Our PaperForms Sample Pack will help you decide. PaperForms are the original three-dimensional modular wallpaper tiles. Transform any wall from boring and flat to sculptural in minutes. Add texture to any room with wall art or accent walls. Our modular tiles can be painted with most finishes and installed temporarily with double-sided mounting tape or permanently with mastic adhesive. Mount them on walls, canvas or plywood to make temporary backdrops. PaperForms are at home in living rooms or bedrooms and work extra time in cubicles, waiting rooms, board rooms, trade shows, stages and events worldwide. To create with PaperForms and get inspired download our Sketchup files.

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Design Aikido
Design Aikido
This design uses existing infrastructure including technology, molds, skills, raw materials and resources with built-in environmental and social advantages that create alternative markets and incentivize material, process and behavioral changes.
Efficient Packaging
Efficient Packaging
This product is designed to nest, flat-pack or otherwise require limited packaging to minimize its logistics carbon footprint. 
This product fits existing paper and cardboard curbside recycling. Help us close the loop and recycle!
Recycled Content
Recycled Content
This product is made from 100% Recycled post-consumer paper. The advantage of using waste paper is that it will be diverted from landfills and require less energy and resources to process the raw materials. 

PaperForms can be installed temporarily with double-sided tape or more permanently with mastic or wallpaper paste. Watch our installation video for more details. Our tiles can be dusted regularly or lightly cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or excessively wet cloth as the paper tiles can get damaged.

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PaperForms are a new concept in surface coverings that give individuals the ability to customize and re-define space on a budget.


PaperForms tiles nest during transportation to reduce the shipping carbon footprint. PaperForms modular design enables customers to use and replace surface coverings selectively, eliminating unnecessary waste over the product's useful life.
Length 12 in / 30.5 cm
Width 12 in / 30.5 cm
Height 2 - 2.25 in / 5 - 5.7 cm
Thickness .04 in / 1.2 mm
Weight .10 lb / 45 g

Jaime Salm and MIO Team


Made in the USA

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