• One for One Holiday EcoTree
    One for One Holiday EcoTree

    Get one tree and give one to those in need! A modern holiday tree with a social mission.

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  • Acoustic Weave PaperForms
    Acoustic Weave PaperForms

    Modular wallpaper for any room in your home. Dimensional wall art or accent walls in minutes.

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  • Nomad System Felt
    Nomad System Felt

    A whole new way to divide space. Soft felt to create acoustic textured walls and rooms in minutes.

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  • Slide Shelf System
    Slide Shelf System

    Storage and display made simple. Durable, configurable and smart.

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  • Nomad System
    Nomad System

    Modular room dividers for every space in minutes. Available in ten colors and configurable to any size.

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  • Hex FeltForms
    Hex FeltForms

    The modern acoustic panel redefined. Sound absorption panels for creative spaces.

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  • Flip Stools
    Flip Stools

    Seating designed by you for every room. Colorful, casual and highly customizable.

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MIO ( mee´-yo ) Means Sustainable Design for All.