A boutique consultancy redefining business and sustainability through product, service and experience design.

Let’s change the world together.

The CultureLab is MIO’s laboratory for social change. Since 2001 we have been designing sustainable products and experiences that challenge preconceptions and redefine expectations. We believe sustainability should be accessible, beautiful and of the best quality. We design products that consumers choose out of desire, not guilt or altruism. We call our philosophy Responsible Desire.

We are a boutique consultancy based on pragmatism and experience. Having walked the talk we are more than just consultants. The products in our own collection reflect the opportunities and challenges of creating accessible, human centered, sustainable products that perform in the marketplace. Our multidisciplinary team has firsthand knowledge about the entire product life cycle: from brief, through manufacturing, logistics, marketing and customer relationships. Our studio is our laboratory and our products are living examples of how design can harness existing materials, technologies and infrastructure for good. Our own experience provides fertile ground for new ideas about materials, technologies, responsible marketing and socially responsible design at every scale.

We are fun, passionate, knowledgeable, curious and persistent. In short: we love what we do!