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Bendant Lamp Mini

Sometimes nice things come in smaller packages. The Bendant Lamp Mini is a smaller version of our Bendant Lamp. Just like its larger sibling it can be arranged like a flower bouquet. The flat-packed chandelier is composed of a series of leaf-like shades surrounding a central fixture. Bend the shades up or down and create unique light and shadow arrangements that are custom. No two lamps are exactly alike, which means the design is in your hands, too. Bendant Minis are great accent lamps in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kids rooms.
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Efficient Packaging
Efficient Packaging
This product is designed to nest, flat-pack or otherwise require limited packaging to minimize its logistics carbon footprint. 
Environmental Finish
Environmental Finish
This product has components which have been powder coated. This coating is a durable low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finish that does not emit any harmful breathable particles or odors into living spaces.
Locally Sourced
Locally Sourced
This product was manufactured within 100 miles from the point of distribution.
This product has components made out of steel, which is a commonly recycled material. Three-fourths of all American steel ends up recycled into new products.
Recycled Content
Recycled Content
The steel alloy used to make components of this product has recycled content ranging between 30% and 40% depending on production batch.

Dust lamp regularly and clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Follow installation instructions carefully. Consult an electrician if you wish to hardwire the lamp.

Starting sheet size: 15.5 in x 15.5 in / 39.37 x 39.38 cm
Maximum Length: 18 in / 45.72 cm
Maximum Width: 20 in / 50.8 cm Max.
Cord Length: 180 in / 4.5 m  (Switch @ 48 in / 1.2 m from plug)
Suggested Lamp: E12 bulb type B or G LED lamps, 7 wats max

Product Instructions


Material and process guide the Bendant Lamp's design, making it a true example of eco-centric design. The size of the lamp, shape of the cuts and flat packaging are a result of material and manufacturing efficiencies. In addition, the lamp welcomes the user as co-designer pushing the boundaries of design and tool-free self-assembly.


Manufactured to ship flat, maximize material yield and eliminate cutting waste, the Bendant Lamp is a truly eco-centric design. Inviting the user to participate as co-designer, the Bendant Lamp redefines the relationship between products and users and the relationship between designers and customers. The interaction created by the lamp also works as a catalyst in establishing a dialogue about the virtues and opportunities in locally made and sustainably designed products.

Length 18 in / 45.72 cm (maximum)
Width 20 in / 50.8 cm (maximum)
Height 18 in / 45.72 cm (maximum)
Weight 5 lb / 2.72 kg

Jaime Salm and MIO Team


Made in the USA

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