Living packaging
Packaging Design


CultureLab developed the design of shipping containers for yearly, community-focused Fedex Cares campaign materials. The proposed designs focused on additional utility, making the social message more visible to the diverse audiences within the organization. Through engaging design and unique materials, CultureLab enabled Fedex to re-define their campaign with a packaging solution that stood out from their existing options. This new sustainable packaging experience exemplified the culture of social responsibility and giving at Fedex.

Packaging a campaign experience.


From the start of the project CultureLab developed packaging proposals with a system approach to mirror FedEx’s highly synchronized logistics. The package needed to fit standards set by Fedex to protect its contents and be efficiently shipped through the Fedex Express supply chain, which is highly specialized, and format specific. At the same time the package needed to distinguish itself from other boxes being delivered and create an extended experience to foster a sense of community and promote the campaign. A secondary experience needed to be devised around the package without adding significant cost or additional work for employees. The concepts challenged the current materials and created tools for measuring the campaign in abstract and direct ways; in effect extending their useful life and generating a visible symbol of the campaign.

  • Molded pulp concept with seal incorporating campaign graphics
  • Molded pulp concept showing campaign stages
  • Tube concept designed to track giving
  • Tube concept designed for collection
  • Tube concept designed as desk planter
  • Tube concept designed as desk planter with friendly graphics
  • Tube concept complete set

Packaging Concepts

The final proposals ranged in materials and campaign integration. CultureLab proposed using molded pulp, paper tubes and cardboard in ways that would set them apart from the existing FedEx Express boxes. Experientially the designs had a variety of engagement levels, from simple monetary tracking of campaigns to packs that turned into desktop planters. In the end the package selected was made out of cardboard to ensure that it could travel through belts and other sorting equipment.

Design created package and campaign differentiation while providing a more engaging participant experience.
  • Early cardboard models
  • Ensuring proper fit of campaign components




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