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Nomad Folding Stool (Set of 2)

Nomad Stools are modern, temporary seating inspired by our wandering, on-demand culture. Made in Pennsylvania out of FSC certified cardboard and designed to pack flat, the stools are hardware-free, require no assembly and hold up to 250 pounds of seated weight. Sold in packs of two and available in ten fun colors (matching our Nomad System Room Dividers), Nomad Stools are ideal for dinner parties, conferences, trade shows, screenings, and sporting events or as fun and casual seating. Please contact us for details on custom colors and printing.

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Design Aikido
Design Aikido
This design uses existing infrastructure including technology, molds, skills, raw materials and resources with built-in environmental and social advantages that create alternative markets and incentivize material, process and behavioral changes.
Efficient Packaging
Efficient Packaging
This product is designed to nest, flat-pack or otherwise require limited packaging to minimize its logistics carbon footprint. 
Locally Sourced
Locally Sourced
This product was manufactured within 100 miles from the point of distribution.
This product fits existing paper and cardboard curbside recycling. Help us close the loop and recycle!
Recycled Content
Recycled Content
This product is made from 30% Recycled post-consumer cardboard. The advantage of using waste fibers is that they will be diverted from landfills and require less energy to process the raw materials.
The raw materials used to make this product are FSC certified wood fibers. This certification traces the origin of the fibers ensuring the paper or board is made from responsibly harvested and managed forests.

Nomad stools are designed for seating only, please do not stand or jump on the stools. If any part of the stool is showing signs of wear (corners or glue joints) please discontinue its use and recycle it. Nomad Stools are made out of cardboard, avoid contact with any liquids and do not use in humid or damp environments.

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Challenging preconceptions about the utility, durability and strength of humble materials can lead to surprising design solutions. Nomad Stool embodies this premise with a simple yet elegant construction, minimal use of materials, clean modern aesthetics and the ability to be responsibly manufactured and recycled with existing infrastructure.


The design of the Nomad Folding Stool supports the needs of designers seeking temporary seating solutions that are affordable, modern, customizable and easy to deploy. Nomad Stool fits with our paper product offerings and supports our goal of strategically matching materials and processes with function and behaviors.

Length 13.75 in / 34.9 cm
Width 17.5 in / 44.4 cm
Height 16.75 in / 42.5 cm
Thickness 0.1875 in / 0.5 cm
Weight 1.85 lb / 0.8 k

Standard Issue Design


Made in the USA

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